Customer Relationship Management

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CRM Customer Relationship Management CRM is a Strategy Most people believe that CRM is just a system that will run their business without making any efforts which is totally wrong. The CRM is a strategy that is run by people to acquire, manage, select, grow and retain a strong relationship with the right customers with the best long-term profit potential. This cannot be done with a CRM system without a good strategy that puts the employees on the right track. The CRM System The system consist of sophisticated software and analytical tools that integrate customers’ information from all company sources and analyze it in depth and applies the result to build strong customer relationship. The CRM system should be tailored upon the industry requirements. So before setting up the system, managers should set their needs and the information that will truly serves them in order to get an effective CRM system. Also they must put into consideration that each employee who will be working on this system should be trained well on how to use it and should know the importance of the work they do “How to do it and why they do it”. CRM in BMC BMC is a systems-management software provider based in Texas. They had a bad experience with the CRM because the managers did not search about the customer’s needs instead they wanted to know how to perform faster. They thought that the CRM program did not require any top management involvement
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