Customer Relationship Management ( Juan )

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Customer relationship management (Juan) Customer relationship management is different in our growing mass media platforms. It can be a Public relations nightmare to contain information and get out in front of the news so that it looks like the company is being proactive versus reactive. “In a digital age, the window for responding to a crisis keeps getting smaller”(Schwartz, 2015). It is however, our right as a consumer to know what’s going on with the products we purchase, consume, and refer to others. President John F. Kennedy discusses in 1962, in a Special message on Protecting the Consumer Interest, “All of us are Consumers. All of us deserve the right to be protected against fraudulent or misleading advertisements and labels -- the…show more content…
“We proudly support Blue Bell” posted on the signs bearing the logo of the half-moon shape on the horizon with a cow and the little milk maid could be seen in yards all over Texas and most prominently in Brenham stressing to the passersby that it didn’t matter what Blue Bell did or how long it takes, customers want their ice cream back.(, April 25, 2015) Corporate Social Responsibility (Juan) Corporate Social Responsibility encompasses the economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary expectations that society has of an organization at any given point in time (Carrol & Buchholtz, 2015). Corporate Social Responsibility is considered by many to take into account the impact the firm has on society, and also requires the individual to consider his or her actions in terms of the whole social system, and holds him or her responsible for the effects resulting of the acts of that individual (Carrol & Buchholtz, 2015). In other words, it is the obligation of the firm to be responsible in producing and manufacturing of all of its products and services for the safety of the customers. It is the obligation of the corporation to practice safe manufacturing processes free from any contamination and to take the best sanitary precautions when making its
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