Customer Relationship Management Report

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Lecturer: Dondjio. I Group 3 14122723 Ji-Hye Choi 14124262 Jinkeyung Baek 14125064 Xiaomin Chen 14128858 Maxime Gouge Contents 1. Introduction 2 1.1 Executive Summary 2 1.2 The Definition of CRM 2 1.3 The Necessity of CRM 3 2. Critical analysis of CRM 4 2.1 What causes the failure of CRM? 4 2.2 Future of CRM 6 3. Brief Summary and Analyze Cases 8 3.1 Case Summaries 8 3.2 Cases Analysis 9 4. Answer and Analyze Case Questions 11 4.1 Identify strategies for the CRM project implementation. 11 4.2 Identify reasons contributing to the failure of the CRM implementation at Mashkin. 11 4.3 Discuss the current state of CRM practice in emerging markets using the example of Russia. 12 4.4 What additional challenges might…show more content…
Also, in terms of efficiency, customer loyalty is very important in these days. First, getting new customers is very hard and ineffective. It costs 5 to 10 times more to attract new customers than retaining the existing ones. In addition, even if companies succeed to get new customers, they cannot be sure that new customers will continue using their products or services. However, if a company has many loyal customers, they don 't need to be worry about that. Not only is it less expensive to retain a customer than to acquire a new one, loyal customers spend more and purchase more profitable products and services. It is already proved as 'Pareto 's Law '. The longer the customer is loyal, the more profit the company gains. Therefore, if companies care about not only long term growth and profits but efficiency, customer loyalty has to be a top priority. In light of these, considering customers’ needs and wants first and making business plan for that is key to success, and CRM makes that dream come true. CRM helps a company to understand their customers and know what they want. Through this, companies can get closer relationships with customers and they can differentiate themselves from other competitors by providing superior service and offering a consistent, convenient customer experience. Not only for customers, but also CRM is beneficial for companies ' internal control. First of all, in these days, the size of the company is getting bigger. Consequently, the
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