Customer Relationship Marketing Case Study

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Relationship marketing is very important concept to attract and keep the customers in organizations. In modern business world, marketing focus reflect the move away from transactional marketing to relationship marketing. Establishing, maintaining and enhancing customer relationships have always been an important aspect of business. However, over the last few years there has been a significant increase in customer relationship marketing (CRM). The concept of customer relationship marketing (CRM) is widely understood, both academically and professionally. Its goal is to bolster strong relationships and convert indifferent customers into loyal ones. Customer relationship marketing is determined by trust, commitment, empathy, power, cooperation, financial…show more content…
The study aims to find out how the customer relationship marketing strategies are followed by departmental stores. The study, the has been constructed and designed to evaluate the present scenario of the customer relationship marketing in department store. This study would be helpful to know the customer satisfaction and to rectify the some of the customer problem.
1.6 Objectives of the study:
• To analyze the relationship marketing strategies followed by jaisuryas departmental store.
• To analyze the relationship marketing in customer loyalty of jaisuryas departmental store.
• To study the customer opinion about the relationship marketing in jaisuryas departmental store.
• To evaluate the relationship marketing factors towards staffs and customers to jaisuryas departmental store.
• To find out the link between relationship marketing determinants of jaisuryas customer loyalty.
1.7 Research methodology:
• Research is a scientific and systematic search for information on specific topic .In fact, research is an art of scientific
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