Customer Relationships Using Organisation Of My Choice

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Introduction I have been asked to write a report that explains how the company seeks to deliver customer value and how it seeks to develop customer relationships using organisation of my choice. The organisation I have chosen is Waitrose. Waitrose first appeared by Arthur Rose, Wallace Waite and David Taylor when they opened their first little grocery shop in 1904. The business was success as they were selling range of grocery products. The business had a high standards and keen pricing to ensure that the business grew. After 2 years Taylor left the business leaving Waite and Rose who formed Waitrose Ltd in 1908. After few years Waitrose expanded their location around Acton area. By 1937 Waite was looking for someone to took over the business and keep the high standards going, he then had a meeting with Michael Watkins, the Director of Trading for the John Lewis Partnership, the ten shops and 160 staff joined the Partnership on 1st October. Waite remained in the business until he retired in 1940. Waitrose then kept expanding and by 1970s there were 50 branches, some still small self-service shops but more and more larger supermarkets. in 2004 the division had expanded to over 200 shops including the acquisition of branches from other chains including Morrisons and Somerfield. By this time the Leckford farm estate in Hampshire which the Partnership owned had become part of Waitrose. There followed a period of change involving the development of internet shopping,
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