Customer Satisfaction : An Organization

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Customer satisfaction is one of the many objectives that could be measured by using quantitative methods. One of the indicators of customer satisfaction is the number of feedbacks received from customers. Despite that the number of feedbacks best reflects an organization’s performance; it possesses a difficulty particularly in the design stage of a survey. The survey may be administrated to a specific group of customers regularly which may lead to a bias result. Thus, the satisfaction index could be manipulated to generate a favourable outcome instead of representing the data truthfully. By measuring the number of loyal customers, an organization is able to foresee if their customers are satisfied. Customer loyalty reflects the likelihood…show more content…
Customer  Improve customer satisfaction  Expand the customer base  Customer satisfaction reviews  Market share  Number of new passengers per month  Average time to respond to customer complaints  Number of customer complaints  Number of stops offered in new routes  Percentage probability of train service delayed or cancelled  Number of monthly passes sold  Percentage of journeys made within a published schedule  Average advertising expenditure per month  Frequency of conducting cleanliness check 3. Internal business processes  Improve productivity  Improve quality of train facility  Improve reliability of the train services  Percentage of journeys made within a published schedule  Maintenance on trains  Number of train breakdowns per month  Average train downtime per month  Average capacity utilisation of each train  Time taken to complete a route 4. Learning and growth  Develop employees’ skills in managing the train system  Improve employee satisfaction  Establish an advanced IT communication system  Employee satisfaction survey  Number of employees participating in training programs  Improvements on ticket purchasing facilities  Improvements to customer information service  Technical training provided to train coordinators and inspectors  Improvements on the diversity and working conditions for employees Vision: To ensure the continual survival of Speedy Rail Transit (SRT) in its monopoly by offering premium customer service and
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