Customer Satisfaction And E Loyalty

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Customer satisfaction and E-loyalty:
Liu(2008) claimed that online shopping customers’ satisfaction may be ruined by the lacking of on-time delivery. A quarter of Chinese customers were dissatisfied with online-shopping experience due to the low delivery service level(CNNIC,2004).

The Kotler(1997) divided the whole model of the satisfaction process in e-commerce into three stages shown in Figure 1: the information search and alternatives evaluation section, purchase section and post-purchase section.
Figure 1 Model of the satisfaction process in e-commerce environment

In the research of Spreng et al(1996),the author defined the overall satisfaction as an affective state representing an emotional reaction to the entire online
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Delivery is time interval for the package to between the distribution centre and the customer’s individual address By the time the packages isn’t delivered on time, the satisfaction is partly depend on the percentage of the met expectations. The features of the attribute delivery time is measured as: (1) overall minimization of delivery time, (2) the customer being made aware of any unpredictable delays in delivering. (3) providing customers a tracking number for their parcel(Schaupp, L et al,2005). As for the E-loyalty,the product availability, timeliness of delivery, and ease of return have significantly relationship with customer loyalty (Heim and Sinha, 2001). In the conclusion of Liu’s(2008) research, the author pointed out that it is crucial to think highly of consumer’s concerns on delivery process within the developing Chinese e-marketplace. Customers will feel worse due to the overall low delivery service quality and lacking of necessary logistics infrastructures compared with other countries. Hence, online shopping platforms should provide better customer service to solve the lacking of authentic face-to-face shopping experience on the e-commerce environment from choosing items to logistics service.

Factors affect e-commerce logistics customer satisfaction(NEED BE SHORTER???)
There are many factors affect the service level of e-commerce delivery which then influences the customer
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