Customer Satisfaction And E Loyalty

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Customer satisfaction and E-loyalty:
Liu(2008) claimed that online shopping customers’ satisfaction may be ruined by the lacking of on-time delivery. A quarter of Chinese customers were dissatisfied with online-shopping experience due to the low delivery service level(CNNIC,2004).

The Kotler(1997) divided the whole model of the satisfaction process in e-commerce into three stages shown in Figure 1: the information search and alternatives evaluation section, purchase section and post-purchase section.
Figure 1 Model of the satisfaction process in e-commerce environment

In the research of Spreng et al(1996),the author defined the overall satisfaction as an affective state representing an emotional reaction to the entire online shopping experience which focuses on the process evaluation associated with online shopping behaviour. Liu (2008) had proven that delivery followed with customer service, security and privacy, transaction capability, merchandise attribute, information quality, payment ,web site design were closely bound up customer’s satisfaction of shopping online. Also, the rapid response was rejected as one factor which influences the customer satisfaction on online shopping. One of the factor in Schaupp, L’s(2005) research which matter the customer satisfaction is the delivery Time. Delivery time is the total time between order placement and delivery, which includes: dispatch, shipping, and delivery sections . Dispatch is the amount of time necessary…
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