Customer Satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction & how can we measure it

By: Omid Nasrollah Mazandarani


As a student of Masters of Business Administration specialization in general management with the background of Bachelor of Industrial engineering the writer has four years experiences in the automobile industry. These experiences and background help me to understand the role of customer satisfaction in terms of organization profitability.


This proposal examines customer satisfaction models for assessing the relationship of overall satisfaction with a product or service and satisfaction with specific aspects of the product or service for organizations having multiple units or subunits. These units could be
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To the extent that effects vary across units, the company would want to consider different strategies for different units. And, at the theoretical level, the multiple units provide a stronger test of a hypothesized general effect. We also stress the importance of explaining the variation in effects across units or subunits. One way to approach this question is to partition the units or subunits into strata. For example, the locations of retail stores could be classified into rural, small city, suburban, and urban types. We want to quantify how much variation in effects there is both within and across strata. If the within-stratum variation is small and the between-stratum variation is great (e.g., rural stores all have the same needs, but rural stores have different needs than urban ones), the manager might develop separate strategies for each stratum. The academic researcher likewise would postulate a richer theory incorporating the strata as variables. In this article, we present methods for addressing these issues. The methods are applied to multiunit data from two different industries. We illustrate how these methods could be useful to a marketing manager of a particular company and how they can be used to study "general truths" in marketing.

Research Problem

Keeping customer satisfaction for long time is a critical issue for the organizations and all industries. Employee's commitment is very important.
On the other hand , employee satisfaction
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