Customer Satisfaction Lead to Loyalty

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Final Report Business Research Methods Topic Study the influence of Service Quality with product leads to customer loyalty in Telecom Sector (Ufone) Submitted by: Sr. # Group members: Reg. No.# Muhammad Adnan L1S13MBAM2049 Muhammad Asim L1S13MBAM0027 Nabil Abdul Majeed L1S13MBAM2012 Saad Rafique Ali L1S13MBAM0047 Huma Zafar L1S13MBAM2010 Sameera Waheed L1S13MBAM2050 Submitted To: Prof. Amna Zulfiqar Signature: Table of contents Page # Introduction 03 Importance/ significance 04 Explanation of Variables 05 Service Quality (independent variable) 05 Customer loyalty (dependent variable) 05 Relationship between…show more content…
It means says when a customer consistently rebus your product in the future unrespectable situational influences it shows customer loyalty. Customer loyalty plays a vital role in organization to achieving its profitability. Organizations should give preference to customer’s feelings and their needs should be the main concern in order to achieve customer loyalty (Akhter et al., 2011) Most companies struggle for customer loyalty as the competition reaches at its peak in telecommunication sector. Indeed, customer satisfaction is integral part in determining why customers leave or stay with an organization. Therefore, organizations need to know how to keep their customers. Every organization has come to realize that in order to survive, it has to acquire and then retain profitable customers. Company should consider those customers which shows high satisfaction which leads to customer loyalty .this result in increasing company’s profitability. Company should also focus on customers who are not satisfied in order to increase profitability. Importance /significance Customer loyalty plays important role in telecommunication sector. Companies can rely on making research upon their satisfied customers for improving the service quality or other factors exists that make the loyal customers. After getting knowledge by making research; telecommunication sectors can possibly be able to focus on their customer's touch point where they can improve the service. Now a
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