Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Empowerment

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Dr. Arni Arnthorsson
Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Empowerment 1. Should a company be happy or concerned if most customers are satisfied?
Satisfaction of the consumer is one of the main goals for a company to achieve. Customer satisfaction is defined as the feeling that results when an offering meets a consumer’s expectations. Companies around the world are doing many surveys, in order to measure the satisfaction of their consumers because the importance of consumer satisfaction is one of the main factors for a company. According to the question, should a company be happy or concerned if most consumers are satisfied, the answer is concerned. The reason of this answer is that if all consumers would be satisfied then
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AUK Loyalty Program
The loyalty program tends to encourage customers to buy a product and make customers come again to buy the product. In AUK, students not only can pay for their tuition but also for extra lectures such as cisco, summer program etc. Moreover, AUK could have a loyalty program in a way from those students who come from the same family and town. When a student attends AUK, then he or she will have a 50% discount from the actual price for cisco. Also, summer program is one of them that make a discount for AUK students each summer. Furthermore, AUK provides a 15 % discount of price for a second person from the same family and 30% for the third. Even though, all students of AUK would have the opportunity of 20% reduction in price for work and travel during the summer in the Unites States, with the company called “Zip Travel”. Therefore, this loyalty program would have 4 positive effects.
One of the longevity effects is that AUK attracts students from the same family to join AUK with a discount in price. For example, I have a friend who joined AUK last year, which he has a brother here at AUK who is going to graduate next quarter. He told me that, he did not even think to come at AUK but his brother convinced him to make such a decision and attend AUK. Also, he mentioned that AUK offers a 15% discount in price for the second person of the same
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