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Marketing Research Report ON WHAT DRIVES CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN CARS? Submitted By: Section 3 Group 2 Contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 3 INTRODUCTION 4 LITERATURE REVIEW 5 QUALITATIVE RESEARCH 6 Focussed group discussion: 6 In-depth interview 6 Netnography 6 FINDINGS 7 INDEPENDENT VARIABLE 7 DEPENDENT VARIABLE 8 CONTROL VARIABLES: 8 HYPOTHESIS 9 Questionnaire 10 TOOLS USED FOR DATA ANALYSIS 13 RESULTS 13 FACTOR ANALYSIS 16 REGRESSION: 19 INTERPRETATION AND RESULTS: 20 RECOMMENDATIONS: 21 REFERENCES: 22 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank Professor Dr. S. Bharadhwaj (Chair Professor of Marketing) for his guidance at every step during questionnaire…show more content…
QUALITATIVE RESEARCH Qualitative research is the technique that is used as a part of exploratory research and to derive the independent variables. There are different methods through which we can conduct the qualitative research. As a part of this study we have adopted the following methods: Focussed Group Discussion In-depth Interview Netnography Focussed group discussion: We have conducted 5 focussed group discussions comprising of 8 members in the age group of 24-28. The group consist of mix of girls and boys in the ratio of 5:3. The focussed group is moderated by 2 members of our group. The group was asked to discuss about the factors that make them satisfied in cars. Each discussion lasted for around 20-25 minutes. We have consolidated the results of each discussion and come up with the different variables that affects the satisfaction in cars. In-depth interview Each member of our group has conducted in-depth interviews with their parents who are in the range of 50-55 years and one of their best friends. The interview lasted for about 10-15 minutes and we have assessed the factor that
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