Customer Satisfaction Of Starbucks

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Starbucks is the most popular coffee chain in America, but how good is it really? There are four things that a good coffee shop requires – variety of coffee, good customer service, reasonable prices, and most importantly, good coffee. While Starbucks has a lot of variety and excellent customer service, its prices are rather high and it is somewhat lacking in the most important category – the quality of its coffee.
A good coffee shop requires a varied menu to attract customers. No two people have the exact same taste in coffee, so a coffee shop needs to appeal to everyone’s tastes to attract enough business. Starbucks is certainly varied, with over 225 items on its menu ranging from plain, hot black coffee to cold, sweet frappucinos. These countless kinds of
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Customers must be made to feel welcome and at home in the shop. An unwelcoming environment, rude employees, and long lines are very off-putting to potential customers. Starbucks happens to excel in this category. Its employees are very well-trained in both making coffee and making customers welcome. The CEO of Starbucks and former director of marketing, Howard Schultz, believed that the key to customer satisfaction was actually the satisfaction of the employees. Starbucks employees are given many benefits such as “competitive wages, health benefits, and stock options” that have certainly paid off in creating a happier, friendlier atmosphere (West). Though there are sometimes long lines, as there always will be with a popular store, Starbucks has sought ways to help. In 2015, Starbucks introduced online ordering, complete with a text alerting the customer that their order is ready, to reduce the wait in the store, even going so far as to create separate stores for only these mobile orders to reduce lines even more. Altogether, these factors make for a very satisfactory experience, and show that Starbucks truly cares about its customers
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