Customer Satisfaction on Maruti Suzuki

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FACTORS AFFECTING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION : A STUDY ON MARUTI-SUZUKI Name : PROSEN SAHA 11/MBA/34 AKNOWLEDGEMENT Firstly, I would like to thank my project guide Mr.Subhadip Sarkar for giving me the opportunity to work on this project. His valuable suggestions, guidance and supervision had helped us to a great extent in accomplishing this project. This project has no doubt has given us the knowledge and the experience. I also take this opportunity to thank all the Respondents for their valuable time and their valuable responses without which the project would have not been possible. CONTENTS 1. ABSTRACT 2. INTRODUCTION 3. LITERATURE REVIEW 4. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 5. QUESTIONAIRE 6. FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS…show more content…
The SERVPERF model developed by Cronin & Taylor, (1992), uses the performance approach method which measures service quality based on customer’s overall feeling towards service. This model is good to measure service quality but does not provide information on how customers will prefer service to be in order for service providers to make improvements. Here we discuss and apply SERVQUAL model developed by Parasuraman et al. Parasuraman et al., (1985), developed a model of service quality after carrying out a study on four service settings: retail banking, credit card services, repair and maintenance of electrical appliances, and long-distance telephone services. The SERVQUAL model represents service quality as the discrepancy between a customer’s expectations of service offering and the customer’s perceptions of the service received Parasuraman et al., (1985). . What this model strives to measure exactly is the consumer perception of the service quality which depends on the size of the gap between expected service and perceived service which in turn, depends on the gaps under the control of the service provider such as delivery of service, marketing. This measurement of service quality is based on both on how consumer evaluates the service delivery process and the outcome of the service. The SERVQUAL model was made of ten dimensions
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