Customer Segmentation Netflix

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Make a customer analysis and segment the market. What impact does your analysis have on the current business model of the company?
Customer analysis
The customer analysis is the depth analysis of the end-users; this entails all of the characteristics of the customer. These characteristics include the following: * Geographic characteristics * Demographic characteristics * Psychographic characteristics * Behavioral characteristics

These characteristics all combined can identify the exact group of end-users that are targeted by companies like Netflix.
Geographic characteristics
Geographic characteristics, also known as geographic segmentations, include the details the operation area of the company. Netflix is viewed on
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Another characteristic or segmentation is related to the family life cycle stage of the end-users. This describes which kind of household would be targeted upon by a company like Netflix. The stages that are targeted have a relationship with the age characteristic. The users of Netflix are most likely to be either a starting family with or without children or a full grown family with older children.
Psychographic characteristics
Psychographic characteristics, also known as psychographic segmentations, include the core identification of the end-users. These characteristics could be the lifestyle or personality of the end-users.
Netflix is focusing on the groups that need to relax after a hard day of work, or just groups that seek for relaxation. This group likes to watch series or movies for their relaxation. This identifies some end-users to have a life with need for relaxation. Another lifestyle that some end users may have is the one which are fans of some movies/series genre, they love to watch some specific genre and that is where the Netflix service is based upon.
Netflix is an online streaming service that is programmed to search and find the perfect movie or series for the users. Mainly this means that any kind of personality preferences is used to determine the right choices for the users. A potential user can have various personality characteristics. They might prefer mind blowing
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