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Conduct a critique of the following service management ideas, theories and techniques, specifically with reference to purpose, application and limitations and with regard to how these service management ideas, theories and techniques might contribute to the development of a business.

Customer segmentation
Study the market, its structure, identify attitudes and behaviours of consumers, this is the first step of marketing. Among the range of behaviours and characteristics of potential buyers, it is necessary to identify homogeneous groups or segments of customers, assess their importance and possible development.
It should also define a relevant market: local, regional, national, international ...
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For some companies, they will make themselves known through advertising. For others, a network of personalities will surround it, for example.

To undertake effective communication, provide a very positive image of his company and maximise its business, the creator must necessarily proceed in stages. The company cannot communicate anything to anyone. She must first identify the targets, investors, customers, suppliers, and assign levels of importance.

The customer is the strength of a company. She must focus all its means to target service concept.

The customer service allows companies to retain their customers advantageously distinguished from each other.
The customer service is the ability of skilled employees, to provide products and services to their internal or external customers, to satisfy their needs, apparent or not, to enjoy an advertisement by word of mouth that will bring positive new buyers.

For many companies, customer service is summarised in the following activities: responding to customer questions, receives commands, resolve disagreements about billing and handle claims. The service can be made directly at the customer’s house, at the supplier or through the media (telephone, fax, email, Internet, etc.) The increasing number of call centres demonstrates the importance that companies attach to customer service.
The client is in contact with staff but not only

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