Customer Service And Cargo Operations

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Bill Lentsch, Delta’s S.V.P.–Airport Customer Service and Cargo Operations, said. “We appreciate the hard work of our employees and think the SkySpa will add real value to the airport work environment” (as cited in Thomas, 2015, para 8). Providing such an atmosphere and a place of retreat for their employees shows that Delta cares about the health and well being of their staff. According to Delta’s S.V.P Allison Ausband stated the following: making sure our employees are well taken care of and have the tools to look and perform their best is something we’re proud to do for our people. We know working at the airport or on board can take a toll, and offering the SkySpa at some of our busiest hubs helps address that said Allison Ausband, Delta’s S.V.P.–In-Flight Service (as cited in Thomas, 2015, para. 3). With Delta making strides such as this, they are communicating with their employees that there are ways to relax even when at work and that can help to cut down on the stress that a person is facing. Delta is also communicating to their organization that their health and well-being is important. As an organization there are some things that can be done to help prevent stress according to Nelson and Quick (2013) job redesign, goal setting, role negotiations and social support systems (pp. 254-255). In addition to preventing stress, these components serve to motivate the employees towards higher performance standards. The leaders at Delta Airlines have understood for quite

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