Customer Service And Corporate Social Responsibility

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Introduction Customer Service & Corporate Social Responsibility Social responsibility is a belief that one has both, the moral and ethical responsibility to base decisions based off of the effect which it will have on society. This means that as human beings it is our responsibility, better yet our obligation to work in coordination with one another in efforts to better the planet’s well-being as well as our company’s. Corporate social responsibility adheres to the same policy, only in a corporate environment. This means that every corporation has the innate ability to make decisions that affect our vitality as a whole when applying those decisions in business. Businesses must be aware of the effect on the community and the environment…show more content…
The largest acquisition being the purchase of AT&T’s cable provisions in 2001 for an immense $45 billion becoming America’s largest cable provider at the time. To date, The Comcast Corporation remains the largest broadcasting company in the industry with an estimated 30 million subscribers and a net worth of nearly $148 billion. The Comcast Corporation’s Customer Service Company Perceptions Xfinity’s customer care is confident in their customer service guarantee which seems promising. (Xfinity, 2015) The guarantee wants consumers to be amazed with the choices Comcast offers, excited by the innovation they provide and satisfied with the service and reliability of every interaction. Interestingly, the guarantee stresses that the corporation wants these things yet does not officially guarantee them. It is understandable that one cannot completely guarantee amazement, excitement, and satisfaction, however, under those premises, the clauses should be omitted from the guarantee seeing as they are not official. (Xfinity,2015) Of everything written, the entire statement only really guaranteed one thing - a 30-day money-back guarantee which claims that if anyone wishes to cancel for any reason, they can do so in the first 30 days and get their money back. All anyone has to do is return the equipment in good working order and Comcast will refund the monthly recurring fee for the first 30 days
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