Customer Service And Customer Success

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Customer service and customer success continues to be a big elephant in the room for many businesses. While most of today’s businesses have some level of training in customer service, many don’t take customer service seriously enough.

But data consistently shows that customers are increasingly focused on the level of service they receive. A majority of today’s consumers is prepared to switch if the service they receive isn’t up to standard. But what is behind the enhanced focus on customer service and can companies truly benefit from better customer service? This guide will look at the reasons 21st century is the century for understanding customer service.

What is Customer Service / Customer Success all about?

Customer service is a concept most people in business know about but not everyone truly understands its importance. Customer service is essentially a crucial part of the product or service your business offers, as it can directly influence the customer experience of the given product. This means that customer service is an important part of building the brand.

Customer service is often taken care of by special customer service representatives. In fact, most companies often have a specific customer service department, which deals with customer enquiries over the telephone, but increasingly also through different online methods such as e-mail and chat. While customer service representatives play a crucial role in nurturing customer relationships, most employees in
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