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1800GetCake Financial Plan In today’s busy world, deliveries are growing in popularity. From grocery delivery, to online shopping, to flower and gift delivery – the convenience of being able to quickly order online and have the items conveniently delivered to recipient’s home or office is appealing to many consumers. Concept 1800GetCake is a new bakery concept located in Miami, Florida. The company will specialize in local cake delivery to businesses and homes, while providing convenient online and phone ordering. Market differentiation will be based on ability to customize cakes in terms of colors, flavors, corporate logos, custom messages, and even customers’ own high-definition pictures. This new business venture will focus on gift…show more content…
With such a vast population and high business concentration throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties, these markets offer endless opportunities for 1800GetCake Company. Competition Currently there are a few popular companies offering online gift, flower, cookie, and fruit basket deliveries, such as 1-800-Flowers, Edible Arrangements, and Shari’s Berries. However, not many companies in the local area offer a convenient option of ordering a cake online and having it delivered to their home or office. The main direct competitors will include The Office Cake, Shari’s Berries, We take the Cake, and Bake Me a Wish. In the local Miami market there is one company that focuses on corporate cake delivery – The Office Cake, which will be the main direct competitor to 1800GetCake. However, The Office Cake delivers only within Miami-Dade County, while 1800GetCake will deliver to both Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Furthermore, the competitor carries only one type of product – cake, while 1800GetCake will offer cupcakes and cake pops in addition to cakes. We Take the Cake is located in Broward County and offers delivery services by utilizing FedEx. This company’s target market is home deliveries and while they offer other products such as cupcakes and cheesecakes, they do not have a wide selection of flavors and options for customization. Shari’s Berries and Bake Me a Wish

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