Customer Service And Social Media

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4.1.5. Customer Service Another significant benefit social media networks provide to companies is the opportunity to interact with current and prospects customers. Through pages and profiles on social media, consumers can leave their feedback quickly and directly to the organisation. Customers can also request information and reach out to organisation for help and support. The interactive communication fosters a trustworthy relationship between organisation and its customers. Companies can have one-on-one conversation with customers to understand their need and to gather their feedback. The presence on social media in the form of blog, pages, and profiles allow the customer to have interactive communication with the representative of organisation. Organisations also get a chance to listen to their customers and not only solve their issues but to educate them about organisation and its products or services. Feedback can be of anything such as the experience of using new or existing product, general feedback regarding brand, complaint and suggestions regarding products or even company website and advertising. And this in turn allows the companies to evaluate whether they are meeting the expectation of their customers or not. In addition to positive suggestion and feedback, companies sometime have to deal with negative comments. Infect, negative feedback can spread more quickly on social media. Thus, while developing a social media strategy, company should consider such
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