Customer Service At Apple, Inc.

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BSC and Customer Service Perspective

The balanced Scorecard, BSC has been instrumental in driving the performance of organizations thereby transforming the strategic objectives into a set of performance measures as noted by Kaplan and Norton (2005). As such, Apple, Inc. designs and designs technology and electronics to suit consumer needs and meet shareholder objectives that has led to the success of the company and cemented it as a market leader in the industry.
The Customer Service Perspective
Customer service involves the willingness and ability of an organization to cater for the wants and needs of its customers. However, customer service can lead to a positive or negative perception depending on the contact created by the two parties. Therefore, successful organizations strive to create customer service that adds to its value and is in line with the organizational mission and vision. As such, the customer service at Apple, Inc. aims at setting clear standards on both staff and customers to provide excellent service. Key to this objective is effective communication between the service providers and customers, especially in the Apple retail shops. As a result, the information gathered from customer feedbacks is used to measure Apple’s performance and thus assist in improving the services and product offerings and thus increase the required resources.
According to Apple’s mission, vision, and strategy, the company derives its customer service perspective based on the…

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