Customer Service At The Restaurant

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• Execute exceptional outstanding customer service by recruiting, leading and developing people and planning, organising, directing, controlling and evaluating all the operations of the restaurant to build sales and control costs to deliver optimum business results for the restaurant
• Understand, enforce and train Crew and Managers on all appropriate policies, award minimums, security and safety procedures.
• Modifying the operational procedures as per the requirement of the profitability of the restaurant and manage different types of services provided to the customers like front counter, drive-thru, McCafe, special service to physically challenged people, or people needing special dietary requirements.
• Perform crew orientations and educate Crew with regard to basic people minimums and explain about appearance, rosters, discounted meal policy etc.
• Conduct crew and manager meetings.
• Demonstrate leadership by setting the pace and communicating effectively.
• Recruit staff and work proactively towards their training and professional development
• Ensure scheduling is done as per the work standards and guidelines and work schedules are posted at least one week prior on the notice board
• Ensure there is a file maintained to record staff performance and performance reviews are done twice a year based upon the records in the file and setting up of goals and objectives for the next performance review of the crew
• Dealing with the customer complaints in a very professional…
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