Customer Service At The Sheppard And Don Mills Location Essay

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For my field placement I worked at the Edward Village hotel at the Sheppard and Don Mills location. At the hotel I had the opportunity to experience positions within the front desk department, and the housekeeping department. When working at the front desk there were many responsibilities and duties, such as answering the phones, making reservations, I also organized the front desk and filed paperwork. In the housekeeping department my responsibilities and duties were washing, drying and folding towels.

Customer Service

The Edward Village hotel would provide basic customer service to their guests. I’m my opinion, I believe that they never have provided the guest with exceptional customer service. They don’t go above and beyond to serve their guests. When working at the front desk occasionally we would have guests call down and a problem with their room. In a situation like this we would apologize to the guest and try to solve the problem ourselves, whether we call maintenance or not. If we could not fix the problem ourselves, I would then speak with my supervisor to see if there’s anything that can be done. I defiantly think that the customer service can overall affect the company’s image. I my opinion, Edward Village sometimes does not display exceptional customer service, and therefore can have a negative image of the company.


At the beginning of the work placement I set two goals that I wanted to complete within a certain date.

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