Customer Service At The United States

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Sidney Simmons
Mrs. Wiest
English 132
January 1, 2015
Customer service There’s customer service In the United States that’s good and there’s customer services that’s bad. If the customer service is bad it doesn 't necessarily mean it’s the employees’ fault; it’s more than likely the customers fault. If they have someone screaming at them for hours on end it wears them out and makes them snap. Customers only have to deal with someone being mean for the time they are at the drive thru, where as the worker has to sit through hours of screaming and complaining from other customers. One example of bad customers service would be this lady going off on a employee and started cussing him out and it turned out it was a mistake and the lady turned
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The book refers to what they call the three D’s as the three secrets to raving fans; Decide what you want, Discover what the customer wants, Deliver the idea plus one percent. When establishing “Raving Fans” you will understand the needs of the customers, do what it takes to get more customers, and go a little above and beyond to keep those important customers. In order for a business to succeed and gain profit in there, they must obtain and keep customers. Without customers, a company is obviously not going to succeed which results in being a failure. The first step is to convert first-time visitors into a returning customer. Secondly, a company has to find a way to keep these customers as loyal customers. These steps are considered customer service. There are many new aspects of customer service now that so many businesses have gone to the internet. To convert first time visitors into returning customers is a very vital step to business. Visitors may return for a number of reasons but it is up to there marketing skills to improve these chances and turn them into customers and over all loyal customers. Outstanding customer service is key to customers. So to convert visitors into customers a great place to begin would be to display ultimate customer service to someone who is not yet a customer. A company has to always remember that the customer is actually their boss. All business organizations need
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