Customer Service At Wal Mart

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Customer Service

Customers are at the core of our success and must be treated with respect. Every customer. Every situation. Every day. Wal-Mart’s reputation is important to the Company 's long-term success. For this reason, every employee is obligated to:
• Treat all customers fairly and honestly
• Communicate with customers in a respectful and helpful manner
• Provide prompt and accurate customer service

Dress Code

A professional appearance and appropriate personal hygiene are an expectation of Wal-Mart Corporation. Employees are expected to report to work personally clean and wearing clothes that are in good condition. Employees must be sensitive to the needs of co-workers regarding perfumes, colognes and personal body odor. Your appearance is expected to be professional in dress, hairstyle, accessories and make-up. You should not wear clothing that is revealing, overly tight or which has offensive wording or graphics. Should management determine that you are not dressed appropriately, you may be sent home without pay. Specific rules and guidelines based on your job duties or business unit may also apply.

Relationship between coworkers and friends

Any relationships between personnel that go beyond purely professional business relations must be disclosed to the Human Resource department immediately. Failure to do so may result in discipline or termination as determined by the employees’ supervisors and the Human Resource department.
Generally speaking, it is…

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