Customer Service At Wal Mart

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Customer Service Customers are at the core of our success and must be treated with respect. Every customer. Every situation. Every day. Wal-Mart’s reputation is important to the Company 's long-term success. For this reason, every employee is obligated to: • Treat all customers fairly and honestly • Communicate with customers in a respectful and helpful manner • Provide prompt and accurate customer service Dress Code A professional appearance and appropriate personal hygiene are an expectation of Wal-Mart Corporation. Employees are expected to report to work personally clean and wearing clothes that are in good condition. Employees must be sensitive to the needs of co-workers regarding perfumes, colognes and personal body odor. Your…show more content…
The relationship must be voluntary, and both employees must act responsibly and professionally while at work. Additionally, Wal-Mart Corporation will not tolerate relationships that involve marital infidelity or that involve a managerial relationship between two individuals. If a manager relationship exists, one of the involved parties must agree to a transfer to an open available position. If no position is available, the company may have to take more drastic action to protect against any conflicts of interest which might be created. To ensure that these relationships do not violate the company’s Anti-Harassment policy, employees who enter into such relationships must notify the Human Resources Department of the relationship, as well as comply with all other aspects of the Consensual Relationships Policy. Enforcement and Obey the law We will obey the laws of the countries and communities in which we conduct business. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for noncompliance, nor is the assertion that “everyone else is doing it.” Alcohol and Drug Use To provide employees with a safe workplace and ensure the safety and trust of the public, the company has adopted a policy that neither condones nor tolerates behaviors of employees that are inappropriate for the workplace. Behaviors that might result in discipline, up to and including termination, include: Using illegal drugs or the improper use of
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