Customer Service Case Study

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Case Study Internal Customer Attitudes Student: Date of Submission: Lecturer: Course: Customer Service Management Case Study Internal Customer Attitudes As products and services of various competing interests become increasingly equal in terms of price and quality, organisations have realized that ultimately the deciding factor in increasing or maintaining loyal customers is the commitment of an organisation to customer service strategies such as Total Quality Management (TQM). Dr Karl Albrecht and Ron Zemke have suggested in their research that, “the way employees feel is ultimately the way your customers will feel...” This case study explores the impact that an organisations customer service strategy has on the…show more content…
Organisational outcomes are also affected by attitudes of dissociation from customer service. They may be the increased costs of resolving external and internal customer complaints, disillusionment/loss of the customers, inability to monitor customer service systems that identify customer wants, needs, and expectations, loss of reputation, risk of competing organisations for customers, high employee turnover etc. In order to establish a service culture centred on the principles of Total Quality Management, an organisation must clearly communicate this vision from the CEO and senior management down to all levels of staff including internal customers such as Pam. In this case study we saw that customer service wasn’t a priority for Pam because it wasn’t a priority for the organisation. Jonas Hansson and Bengt Klefsjo state in their research that the implementation of TQM methodologies necessitates that everyone must first understand why this model of customer service is superior to the existing standard and how it relates to the core values of the organisation. An example of an organisation’s core values that is committed to TQM might be: * Committed Leadership * Customer focused * Decisions based on facts * Continually improve
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