Customer Service Coming Right Up : A Thematic Analysis On Factors That Influence Customer Satisfaction

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Great Customer Service Coming Right Up: a Thematic Analysis on Factors that Influence Customer Satisfaction By Ricky Poche’ Jr. ABSTRACT The abstract should be double spaced and indented. It should contain a summary of what you did and what you found. It is double spaced. APA manuals will show Keywords: listed after the abstract. We’re not doing that for the 498 thesis. Notice also that the word Abstract above has been bolded and is all caps. INTRODUCTION Going out to eat is something that most people do multiple times a week. Whether it is take-out, dine-in, or fast food each of these are some sort of restaurant. All paying customers have expectations when going to a restaurant. There are factors that are…show more content…
This has typically involved an exploration of the relationships between specific service features including food quality, dining atmosphere, waiting times, server attentiveness, and politeness and customer satisfaction and loyalty” (pg. 502). LITERATURE REVIEW Soriano (2002) stated, “Customer satisfaction is considered as a factor encouraging customers to use the service again, though there is no guaranty that a satisfied customer will return for a repeat purchase” (pg. 1056). Recent studies indicated that food, physical environment, and employee service are each vital components in forming perceptions of restaurant quality. (Chow, Lau, Lo, Sha, Yun, 2007; Jang & Namkung, 2009; Namkung & Jang, 2008; Ryu & Han, 2010). Food quality plays an influential role in determining customer satisfaction. Varieties of research have also cited service quality in restaurant setting, as an important determinant of customer satisfaction (Kim, W., Ng, & Kim, Y., 2009) and its satellite outcomes like return intention (Weiss, Feinstein & Dalbor, 2004). There is a close link between service quality and customer satisfaction (Tam, 2000). Wansoo (2009) shows us that customer orientation at the employee level is the extent to which an employee seeks to increase long-term customer satisfaction (Saxe & Weitz, 1982). In service businesses, the service employee and the service are often regarded as

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