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Today in the face of fierce market competition, the decisive factor for the long-term prosperity of the company is strong trusting relationships with customers. Quality customer service is not only one of the competitive advantages, in many areas it has become the only competitive advantage. Quality of service is the new standard by which customers judge the quality of the product. Customer service is a kind of sale, because the good service makes the customer to come to you and to buy from you more often. According to the research of American Management Association, regular customers who buy from you again and again, because they like the service, provide an average of 65% of company sales. One of the main problems is that managers do not…show more content…
Advance booking system helps to provide a cost-effective occupancy rate of the hotel. Therefore, representatives of the business department are trying to make contact with the organizers of congresses, symposiums meetings, to ensure stable operation of the hotel. d) Hotel executive departments include accounting and Human Resources. The responsibility of accounting is keeping a single financial account of the enterprise, which includes income from sales, cost accounting and income for the whole company, conducting operations in the payment of wages. e) Service operation ensures the uninterrupted operation of all life support systems of the hotel (electricity, water supply, ventilation, air conditioning, communications, lift facilities), safety of guests and staff, maintenance of equipment, furniture and fixtures. Directors of other areas are responsible for maintaining a high level of service provided in all areas of hotel services. 2. Sufficient funding. The company gladly provides funds for professional development and implementation of service strategy. To perform its activities hotels should have various means of labor. The set of instruments of labor, operating in the hospitality industry, makes the material and technical base. Material and technical base is the basis for the development of the hotel industry, as it creates all the necessary conditions for serving guests a full

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