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Question One: Detail the methods and procedures that might be used by an organisation to communicate with customers to identify and agree on product/ service specifications. It is crucial to be aware that customer expectations and needs will change from time to time and will be affected by market trends, fashions and changes in external environments. This means the business plans need to be adapted to changing needs of customers and is important that organisations communicate with its customers. Profiling is a method to understand the needs of the customers. Profiling enables organisations to identify its customer’s wants and needs and in turn bring in the best return for the marketing dollar. Question Two: Consider this scenario. You…show more content…
Goal setting gives purpose and direction to action. Team members can use action plans to ensure they meet the organisation's quality and delivery standards as well. Monitoring team performances can be done using several different methods. Measuring using KPI and 360 degree evaluations are two examples. 360 degree evaluation gathers information about an individual’s performance from numerous people within the organisation. This approach is normally done anonymously so no tension can arise between employees. Against what criteria might you measure performance and what action would you take if performance did not meet the identified standards? Submit your answer for assessment. PAGE 14 Measuring performance can be measured using several methods such as KPIs, performance appraisals, matching outputs against job descriptions etc. Providing extra training ensures the employee is up to date and has a full understanding of what is required of them. Question Four: Consider this scenario. One of your colleagues has been having difficulty providing the customer service standards that are required in your organisation. You have observed this and have noted that this person is not making the number of sales they should make. What action do you think you might take to assist them to overcome difficulty in meeting customer service standards? PAGE 17 Question Five: Consider this scenario. A colleague has asked you to coach them to

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