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Thinking back six years ago, nobody let alone myself thought I would be embarking on my first job as a server. Having worked in some sort of customer service job in previous years, serving was just something I did not see myself doing. Fromage steaks and subs was the name of the restaurant, seating around 50 people and located in the heart of nowhere. Owned and run by a former Disney chef named Brett and his wife Ashley, and one additional employee a lady called Bev. My uniform was a black shirt, jeans, and black shoes. The hours were Monday through Friday. Wednesday nights was all you can eat wings and Fridays was fish fry night. Even though I did not consider serving as my job of choice, although it turned out to be a great choice. Broadly speaking, your first day on the job is training, well not mine. My first day started on a Wednesday at 11am. Arriving fifteen minutes early to provide myself a few minutes to play with the computer and study the menu, I felt like I was being thrown to the wolves. Today would either make me or break me. Surprisingly, lunch was very engaged and went very smooth. Additionally, with lunch being counter service it gave me the…show more content…
Given the opportunity to begin my serving career with Ashley and Brett, I have since learned how to bartend, and within two years I became a manager. Starting from a small restaurant in the heart of nowhere, I was given the chance to not only see them expand but be a part of it. I never appreciated a server the way they should be when I was the one sitting at the table. Serving is definitely not a job for just anyone. Over the six years I have gained many relationships with my customers. It is a great feeling when I go to work every day and see the faces of people that not only come in for the great food but come to see me. Not considering myself as a people person, I was not sure how serving would be the right job for
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