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Excellence in customer service is a big phrase touted by every business owner in the United States, regardless of service offered. Jackson Health System (JHS) in Miami, FL is no stranger to how important customer service is and has become. County hospitals such as JHS are being affected like any other organization that receives money from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), if not more because they receive more money from government entities then from the private insurance sector. I asked four assistant managers, searched in the intranet and internet, made quite a few phone calls, and asked my emergency room director: What is the customer service model used by JHS? I did not get a clear answer and finally my director whom paused at the question, gave me a simple response, stating the system uses HCAHPS, which stands for Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, and their results to adjust our customer service practices. That is not the answer I expected, yet that was the only real answer I received. What is HCAHPS and how is it used, and just how does this form of customer service practice affect reimbursement? I will discuss the answers to these questions and explain in detail how this large hospital organization provides excellence in customer service. According to (2014), HCAHPS is a customer satisfaction survey that is administered by mail, over the phone, by mail followed up by a phone call, or Active Interactive

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