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-More involvement in PT/PRT such as calling out the number count. I have been here approximately two weeks and hear the same 2-3 voices
- General manners. Responding with the daily greeting. (“Good Morning” “Good afternoon”) too many days I have observed someone wall in a room or to the group field and say, “Good Morning” and they were ignored. Yet, when someone he or she associates with on a daily basis walks up the greeting is reciprocated.
- Respecting the “Subject Matter Expert”!
- When a solider confides in an NCO or officer we need to get out of the habit of doing the identifying who provided the information. I think “NEED TO KNOW BASIS” needs to be clearly defined. For example on Monday I received a message from SPC Bartholomew informing me that SPC Brasswell left the Food Office and told her she was going to the PCB until after lunch. She thought I was unfair that she was left to man the food office. There was no NCO present. I contacted SSG Mcgonicle and provided the core of the information by stating that I was informed by a solider that SPC Brasswell left the food office. However, when SPC Brasswell was addressed she was informed that SPC Bartholomew provided the information.
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It appears to be the same individuals. When someone is called on it is generally the same Junior Enlisted. EVERYONE SHOULD PARTIDIPATE.

I believe that if our pay status, rank, and/or additional duty reflection that of a leader than we in fact lead by example. I feel as the unit as a whole needs to work on the basics; Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, and Personal Courage. No one is exempt! I believe we have made some improvements, but we need to push thru full
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