Customer Service Of Ocean Imports For Dhl Global Forwarding Canada

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Introduction In this paper we describe the steps followed to improve the Business Process of the critical core service of Ocean Imports for DHL Global Forwarding Canada. The main contribution in this paper is showing the study, modeling and analysis used to improve the business processes for the Ocean Imports department at DGF Global Forwarding Canada. The purpose of this modeling is not only to understand the business process that is used, but also to show the inconsistencies that were identified in the processes and to implement a series of improvements. The paper is arranged help introduce the reader to the background concepts, the situation at DHL Global Forwarding, and then through the development process. Section 1 outlines key definitions and concepts relating to the business processes to provide an understanding of their nature and to know the techniques used to model these processes at DHL Global Forwarding. Section 2 briefly describes the organization and the main operational issues it faces. Section 3 describes the Business Process Improvement methodology followed to develop this study. Finally, Section 4 provides the conclusions reached in this work. Section 1 – Main definitions and concepts Operations and Process Management Operations and process management is ‘the activity of managing the resources and processes that produce products and services’ (Slack et al. 2015, p.4). The Operations Manager is responsible for bringing the resources and processes

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