Customer Service Of Paypal Active Registered Users

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They made most contributions into the company 's success. Some of them are developers who introduce features to the system. Some of them are part of the security team, who ensure account securities and system. Moreover, there are staffs who are responsible for customer service. Without them, the company wouldn 't have gained so much trust and confidence by users '.


PayPal active registered users 2010 – 2014 [1]

The increasing number of
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For instance, Online Resolution Centre is setup to ensure that customers are satisfies by the products ' quality [5].

Security Principles
Confidentiality prevents unauthorized people to access the information.
Integrity ensures that when the data is requested by receivers, it is not corrupted, lost or changed throughout the sending process.
Availability ensures that information can be readily accessed by authorized users [1].
Identification is the ability of a system to identify a user.
Authentication is the ability to verify a user 's identity
Authorization specifies authorized users ' readability and modifiability of data.
Auditing assesses the implementation of system 's security policy [2]
Privacy protects users ' information from being gathered and used by other people [3]
Compliance ensures that employees of a company conforms to a set of rules and users agree to follow the user policy.
Accountability ensures that people in charge of system security have specific responsibilities so as to maintain information assurance [4].
Non-repudiation proofs that user authentication is highly trustful and data is sent to and sent by responsible users [5].

Most Important Security Principles of the System

Vulnerabilities of the system can cause great impact to PayPal. It would cause millions to the company if used maliciously. More importantly, it would have tarnished PayPal 's
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