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Introduction It is no secret that some companies aim to look after their customers well, ensuring that the customer is at the heart of their business and everything they do. In marketing terms this is called being customer focused. It is important to realise that customers can take their business anywhere they want to and if they are not satisfied they will take their business elsewhere. Therefore, it is very important to understand who our customers are, their expectations of the service they experience and how that effects future choices and decisions that they might make. Companies that are customer focused often like to ensure that the following things are achieved and addressed to make sure the customer experience is positive. •…show more content…
It helps your business exceed customer expectations. This is of particular significance for those with an online presence where a potential customer is on his own, since there are no employees physically present to assist him. Detailed FAQs and an easy to navigate site are examples of proactive online customer service. THE IMPORTANCE OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN THE HOTEL INDUSTRY In any industry, communication has always played a key part in the success of the company. Effective and balance communication have enabled better understanding of each party’s objectives and views and therefore streamlined actions and developments leading to success and profitability. P2 discuss the purpose of evaluating a customer service policy, indicating how can this assist future staff training & development? Customer service evaluation is a process of finding out which services provided by the company have been valued the least and most by its customers. It also helps you to determine the level of satisfaction that the customers receive from the services provided. Customer service evaluation helps you in allocating your resources more efficiently and enables you to improve the services you are offering to your customers, while meeting their specific requirements. Customer service can be evaluated in many ways by first monitoring and then

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