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Customer Service 1) An investigation has taken place into the customer service practices of Sainsbury Supermarket, the investigation will show the following,


· It will identify and describe the different types of customers and their needs,

· It will identify and analyse the skills required in customer service.

· How has sainsbury incorporated consumer protection into its customer service policy.

· It will also describe how the organisation uses customer service to meet customer needs as well as strategic objectives.

The report will show how the Sainsbury Supermarket
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As seen in the diagram below:-

Sainsbury are based on four key principles these are:-

· Commitment to invest in people and to achieved the business goals

· Planning how skills, individuals and teams are to be developed to achieve these goals

· Taking action to develop and use necessary skills in a well defined and continuing programme directly to the business objectives.

· Evaluating out comes of training and development for individual’s progress towards the goals, the value achieved and the future needs.

Below are sainsbury mission objectives which will includes the following:-

v Sainsbury have many products and services to offer to their customers in order to sell their products to their customers with quality products, and at a good price.

v Sainsbury will know how their customers will response to the growth of the product i.e. attitudes to growth

v Sainsbury will see that they would mainly need to use the technologies at the check point.

v The strategy and the objectives may be presented within a sainsbury incorporate business plan.

Sainsbury strategy is contained by the following:-

v A mission statement, the statement of the type and level of the service to be delivered that indicates which market are to be served.

v The business environment to show the assessment of challenges facing sainsbury

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