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1. Service personnel must be aware of the degree of social distance desired by their customers. Explain 2. As a restaurant manager, your attention is called by a server to a booth of four men who are talking loudly, using profanity, and appear to be belligerent. 3. Your restaurant is located near a high school.Recently, several of the students who are patrons have been throwing ice and wadded paper napkins at each other. What should you do? 4. Eye contact is particularly important in patron relations. Explain.
Eye contact is important in talking to a person. When you are dealing with a customer, be sure to make eye contact with them. This will make them feel that you are paying attention to them and will
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7. What are three phrases suitable for use by a hostess in greeting patrons?What are these phrases for saying goodnye to them?
The suitable phrases that is use for greeting patrons are usually: * Good morning Sir, can I help you? * Hello Madam/Sir * Welcome to (the name of the place), The suitable phrases that is used for saying goodbye ; * I hope to see you again * Thank you for coming. * I hope you enjoy youe meal at our place.

8. In taking reservations , what factors help determine how much time to allow between seatings?
For a reservation a table is called top, for two seatings are called two tops or deuces, four tops, six tops and one for large parties. Full service restaurant normally allow about 1 ½ hours for a deuce, 2 hours for a four top and 2 ½ hours for a six-top.

9. Can you, in your mind , make a table setting for a dinner guest, mentally placing plate,cup and saucer,silverware and glassware?

10. Have you decided to take lunch or dinner reservations? What are the pros and cons?Would you take them on Friday and Saturday evenings, your busiest nights?
Yes, the pros for making a reservation is that sometimes when you went to a restaurant during the busiest day, you dont have to wait for a table because they already prepare you a table

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