Customer Service Services At The Service Provider

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According to Lucas (2009), great customer service is presented by knowledgeable, capable, and enthusiastic employees who deliver products and services to their customers and create consumer loyalty. From that point, it could be claimed that the best employees will build the best service which surpass customer expectation and the result of that action is when customer repurchase or talk to another potential customers. In short, customer service is the action when service provider gives customer what they desire. In addition, Gronroos (1983) proposed that service value is also affected by the service provider. In this case, the term ‘service provider’ can be defined as the company workers. Moreover, employees achieve the consumer satisfaction not only by the price but also by providing the excellent service. Different expectation comes from different customer and the satisfied result depends on the experience or purpose of each customer. By defining the different between customer gender, customer age or level of customer social status, service provider can create perfect strategies to finish company profit goal which comes from customer loyalty budget.
The important goal in achieving consumer loyalty is developing consumer satisfaction. By concentrate in customer service, company provides the best care, the great customer appreciation and the special atmosphere which comfort customer or create memorable experience and the result is that they want to reuse the service.

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