Customer Service Skills

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CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS 09/26/2012 PRESENTED TO WENDY HORTON CUSTOMER SERVICE CLASS PREPARED BY TYNITRIA JOHNSON Customer service is a very important factor in today’s society. Customer is any relationship, conversation, or interaction an employee has with a customer. Good customer service is the key to a successful business. I learned some things out this class that are relevant to me. I can use them throughout my career. I interviewed three people, as following, for this assignment: Connie Taylor, Wanda Croft, and Jeronda Moran. Mrs. Connie works for the Monroe City School Board and has been there twenty years. Her job title is a bus monitor. She loves her job and works with kids day by day. That influences her…show more content…
While bad customer service may make you lose customers at a steady rate. It’s harder to replace a customer than it is to keep a customer. So as you can see, in the above listed details, practicing and encouraging good customer service is important. QUESTIONS 1. What is your current field of employment? 2. How would others describe you? 3. How do you make your customers feel comfortable? 4. Do you enjoy what you do? Does this influence your thoughts on customer service? 5. How long have you been in this business? 6. What do you think is great customer service? 7. Does your company interact with customers on a day to day basis? 8. How do you handle disagreements involving customers? 9. What are some things you do to influence customer loyalty? 10. How do you handle negative feedback from rude/ angry customers? 11. How would you handle a situation where a customer is asking for something that the business doesn’t support? 12. Can you explain how you initiate with customers? 13. How does your company promote business? 14. Is your position more of a person to person field? 15. Do you go out of your way to satisfy your customers?
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