Customer Service Strategies And Organizational Goals

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In order to operate a successful and profitable business, certain strategies must be put in place. One very important strategy is customer relationship management. To ensure that every customer has the opportunity to receive exceptional customer service and the ability to become a loyal customer, an organization must follow these steps. First, the organization must evaluate their current customer service strategies and organizational goals. This will help decipher strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Once the organization’s weaknesses are determined, action must be taken immediately. The weaknesses should act as opportunities, while the strengths can be used as something to capitalize off of. If an organization lacks a loyalty program, their next step would be to design one that correlates with their business model and organization goals. Once an organization redesigns their customer service strategies and customer loyalty programs, they will need to accurately apply metrics to successfully measure the value of the changes being made.
Current Situation
The company that I selected is Dave’s Riverside Garage (DRG). DRG is a privately owned auto repair shop that operates out of Queen Anne, Maryland. The major goals for DRG are to stay competitive with neighboring auto shops and offer the lowest possible price for their customers. Currently, DRG’s customer service attempts are lacking substance. However, DRG is acknowledging that their customers consist
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