Customer Service Training Module

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The Customers Service workshop is designed to teach companies how to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction based on people skills vs. technical skills. Technically oriented persons too often become so focused on providing a technical solution that they overlook the human side of the equation. This is a very common trait among support personnel who come to their position from technical or non-service backgrounds. The course teaches companies how to treat the customer as an important human being, an individual which is the most basic element of customer satisfaction.
Companies find that effectively handling customers with problems is critical to their reputations as well as their bottom lines. When customers complain
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9:45-10:00 ACTIVITY/ICEBREAKER "Expectation Icebreaker" Required: less than fifteen minutes timeframe
This combines introductions with a sharing of expectations. The survey results provide valuable information for course planning or possible modification.
The following are samples of questions that will open Pandora 's box:

-I want to learn to ...
-I learn best when I 'm involved in the following activities: ... -My expectations of the facilitator are ... -My expectations of the other participants are ... -My contribution to this course could be ...
Once everyone has responded, compile the data or, better, delegate this task to small groups. Assign separate groups to each of the questions and ask them to present their summary to the course group.

10:00-10:30 DISCUSSION PROPER: Module 1 "Handling Customer Complaints"
• Customer complaints are a valued source of information. You need to have the feedback even if it 's not that constructive. The great thing about someone complaining, is they are given you a chance to do something. What you have to do is impress them so they go to their colleagues with good news rather than bad.
10:30-11:00 GROUP ACTIVITY/WORKSHOP "Mini role-play" Procedures:
1. Agree on roles Agree among the group who will play the Seller or the Customer in each of the role-play situation.
2. Plan
Take 5 minutes to plan the flow of the
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