Customer Service Vs. Technology

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To examine how customer service is linked to technology, it is important to define customer service and explore what comprises customer service. As there have been many attempts to explore customer service to specific industries, it is important to explore common trends among varying industries, quality of service, trust, and loyalty. These common trends among varying industries allow for a clearer understanding in defining customer service.
Quality in Customer Service Lee and Lin 2005 explored what a consumer finds to provide them with a quality shopping experience. They discovered that consumers target businesses that have already created an online marketing strategy that focuses on trustworthiness, reliability, and responsiveness
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1177). The concept connects to the dimensions of trust, which explores the confidence the consumer has in the business and the confidence the business has in their product (Muhkerjee & Nath 2005 p. 1177). This leads into to the idea of trust-commitment and antecedents of trust, which looks at the commitment of the consumer to the product based on their level of trust and this is expressed through sharing the same values of the business. Together these give a dimension of the complexity of trust within a customer service experience. Hwang 2014 expanded on these areas to include five dimensions of customer service, as the consumer is concerned. The first is responsiveness; the timely response of the business to the consumer’s needs (Hwang 2014). The second is assurance, the continued promise of the business to have a relationship with the consumer. The third is reliability, the ability for the consumer to continue to rely on the business to provide in the manner that they have done so in the past (Hwang 2014). The fourth is tangibility, the continued actions of the business to make itself visible to the consumer. The final dimension is empathy. Empathy is the area of customer service that address when something goes wrong with the consumer’s experience, how the business handles the situation will determine whether the consumer will continue to trust the business. Each of these five dimensions helps to continue the
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