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Individual Case Report: Firm Analysis As a prospective employee of this company, this report seeks to outline Zappos, an online retailer specializing in shoes started in 1999, specifically the company’s mission statement, general objectives and strategies and delves into organizational structure and company culture. The company is noteworthy for three particular reasons: 1) It is the largest online retailer of shoes in the US but is slowly expanding into other product categories, 2) the company’s growth year-on-year has been astronomical and 3) Zappos top-rated customer service experience, which the company says is enabled by a deeply ingrained organizational culture standard that has resulted in the company being ranked #6 in Fortune’s…show more content…
In other words, only if the item is actually physically present in the warehouse would a customer have the option to order it. Organization Structure Notably, in 2009 the company was acquired by the world’s largest online retailer, In the agreement, Amazon promised that Zappo’s operations and governance would remain intact, independently run as if a wholly separate company. The mutual alliance was ostensibly made because the customer service-centric culture was found to be co-inspired and compatible. Another reason was likely because Amazon could help the company expand gracefully and in orderly fashion as Zappo’s sales to that point were largely doubling every year creating strain within the company to grow alongside their sales. Fruits of this “acquisition” were likely present when Zappos restructured the organization into 10 separate companies under the Zappos brand, listed below:, Inc. ("the management company") Zappos IP, Inc. ("ZiP") Zappos Development, Inc. (" or ZDev") Zappos Merchandising, Inc. ("ZMerch") Zappos Fulfillment Centers, Inc. ("ZFC") Zappos CLT, Inc. ("ZCLT") Zappos Insights, Inc. ("ZInsights") Zappos Gift Cards, Inc. ("ZGift Cards") Zappos Retail, Inc. ("ZRetail"), LLC ("6pm") Organizational Culture Additionally, employees from the CEO down to the CSRs and warehouse workers rate organizational culture as one of the company’s key competitive
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