Customer Service and Relationship Marketing

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Customer Service
Customer service is an art and a science and it is something that many firms do not do well, let alone perfect. Excellent customer service is defined by being pleasant with the customer and providing them with assistance regarding just about anything and everything that they require and need relative to the service or good that they are purchasing. A customer is any buyer or even potential buyer of the good or service being and the customers need and/or expect that the good or service be reasonably price and be delivered as promised based on what is advertised and/or what is commonly accepted and industry-standard about the good or service. The best way to build a customer-focused strategy is to construct a framework and process that is as common-sense and stream-lined as possible so that it addresses the ongoing concerns of the business while at the same time reasonably helping and assisting the customers get what they need out of the good or service. Going above and beyond what the customer requires is always a plus and will engender good will and return visits by the customer, more often than not (Swinburn, 2006)(Sheldrake, 1998)(Shaw & Ivins, 2005).
Core Elements of Service Process
There are several major elements of the service process. These elements are strong leadership, effective complaint handling, good training, good support for internal and external customers and having a strong strategy that is definitively based on whether a good or service
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