Customer Services And Principals Of Customer Service

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Enter the World of Costco
Costco started as a small company in Washington State in the 70’s named Price Club. The founders Sol and Robert Price sought out to create a new and revolutionary way to shop, and the result we now know today as Costco Wholesale. Costco is now a top five company in America. They are focused on serving their members, shareholders, employees and the community. Costco holds truth to their mission statement which consists of “providing the best products at the lowest possible prices”. Over the years Costco has added a Pharmacy, food court, tire center, optical, hearing aid center, gas station, and one hour photo. They also work in cooperation with car dealerships, travel agents, and various other trades and organizations for the benefit of their members. In this paper we will look at outrageous customer services and three principals of customer service. We will also cover intergrading principals of customer service personally and professionally. Often in this paper we will use Costco as a model to explore the concepts of customer services. The goal of this paper is to get a clear understanding of what outrageous customer service is and what it looks like in action through the Costco experience.
A Wholesale Customer In the article “What Makes Costco One of America’s Best Companies” by Daniel Ferry, He writes what he believes is the reason Costco is such a huge successful and profitable origination. Ferry writes, “To me, Costco 's customer…

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