Customer Support Megatrends and Next Practices

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Customer Support Megatrends and Next Practices
2010 Update

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“May you live in interesting times!”

The popular Chinese saying invokes both a

blessing and a curse—depending on what you make of it. These are interesting times for customer support executives. As the rise of the Internet (and now, mobile Internet) and social networks collide with forces of globalization, support organizations find themselves in the eye of the storm. They are buffeted by powerful winds of change, ranging from the dramatic migration of most phone business to the Web to the high-profile outsourcing of agent positions to low-cost countries. To add to it, CxOs are
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Next practices
 Think like your customers: This is the first simple, and often overlooked, step to creating a customer-centered support organization. Think like your customers and design service processes and scenarios from their perspective. What would make it easy for your customers to do business with you? What kind of help do they need in various phases of the support life cycle? What would be “excellent service” in each interaction scenario? An easy way to find out is to just ask your customers! One of our clients, a leading financial services institution, embarked on a customer service initiative by first surveying customers. When it realized customers wanted interaction choice more than anything else, the company implemented a customer interaction hub (CIH) to power a customer portal
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with a range of interaction options. The portal has delivered tremendous improvement in customer experience and cost efficiencies, reducing the need for agent-assisted service (the same number of agents now handle twice the number of customers). It’s no surprise then that the customer service organization and the executive that spearheaded the initiative received awards both internal and external! The customer portal was recognized as the best selfservice implementation in wholesale banking by the Tower Group, a leading financial services industry authority, and was also
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