Customer Value Delivered By Three Things

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Customer value can be scanned through the different levels of the first level is a low level and the second level is a highest level, the low level seen by customer value in terms of product attributes to perceive the customers to get, the highest level of which As for the upper level seen by customer value found in achieving goals and desires when it draws its customers, the value of the products derived from the product attributes and so as to achieve the goals.
The customer value delivered by three things:
They are three points can focus on them the cost and the product and the service
Cost the availability of suitable price less cost to sell a larger number of products
Product providing different types of product quality to meet the demands of all consumers and owning a large supply chain to meet all the needs of consumers. And the provision of goods and products of all assortment and provide the largest number of them to attract the largest number of consumers and their needs for easy sale.
Service The service is not the most important points that need to be addressed, and focus on them, because it is one of the most important things is the evaluation to us by the client and all be a higher level of service whenever it grew the number of consumers, benefits, and also in the gain. And when there is a high level of service whenever there is a few threats.
Of the biggest threats to the Amazon are the problems they face on online shopping, such as identity theft and theft
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