Customer Value Marketing

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report based on the study of “Customer Value Marketing” starts with introduction section. We have mentioned the contents of the study in objectives of the report section. The methodology section deals with the means of preparation of this report and the processes that we have followed. Then the report describes the theoretical aspects of the study in the literature review. This section mainly consists of brief description about different important topics about customer value marketing. Finally in the last section, the report is concluded with findings, bibliography and appendix over the topic. The appendix section contains some International Journals on Customer value marketing.…show more content…
Organizations which meet the needs of these customers can orient the value on “product leadership”. For example, Microsoft, Hp. • Customers prefer cost-effective products and services. They prefer convenient purchase and high quality service. The organizations which aim at this target group of customers orient the value on “operational excellence”. For example, Wal-Mart, Fed-Ex. • Customers want to get exactly what they need, even if they have to pay a higher cost or wait a little longer. Companies which serve these types of customers are committed to improving “customer intimacy”. For example, Honda, British Airways. The implementation of Customer Value Strategy: Once the customer value strategy is established, the company must ensure the implementation of the strategy by committing everyone in the workplace to its objectives and building support system for it. For this the business must ensure the followings: 1. Strengthening management for core competency: The practice of a strong management system is a prerequisite for achieving customer value. A dynamic management system is needed so that the value strategy can be effectively implied. 2. Establishing culture of the company based on customer value: In order to achieve the strategic objectives of a company, it is necessary to develop a culture based on customer value so that the idea of customer value is deep in the heart of everyone in the workplace. 3.
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