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Customer value plan Product: Delta Hotels Company: Marriot Internationals, Inc. Course name and number: MKT4323 Group name and date: AVINASH CHHABRA (c0661588) MANU MATHEW PULIMALAYIL (c0655589) UDAI SINGH WAZIR (c0667649) 31 JULY 2017 I. Developing a Relationship Strategy The relationship strategy is a fundamental alliance of both the parties, (customer & sales person). Sales & Marketing person plays a significant role to generate revenue for the company. Despite being some deficiencies in the product or if the market condition is not appropriate, sales person always comes as a problem solver to the enterprise and the customer. In the hospitality sector, day to day loss cannot be recovered in future. Example: if…show more content…
They measure all the new and trendy concepts before applying to their hotel. For example: If a hotel wants to implement a theme to the restaurant, then they will measure all the risk factors which will come in between. A: Attainable: Once things are measured then it becomes necessary to achieve. Delta Hotels accomplish 100% in selling the services to the clients. R: Relevant: All the services which are informed to the guest remain relevant after the sales. Delta Hotels primary motive is to provide the reliable information and services to guest. T: Timely: It’s the major important selling goals in the hospitality sector. Delta Hotels always ensure time and date of the services to the guest. Thus, these SMART GOALS provide the employee that they all have a mission to achieve. Thus, in Delta Hotels, personal selling philosophy is a unique because the sales person adapts the new trending concept of the market, and then listens to the guest needs, add value to the product and then satisfy the requirements and demands of the customer. Example: If a company X has a meeting in Delta Hotels conference room, then the sales person will ensure all the details of the meeting and add valued services to the guest. (Details include: what kind of meeting, meeting hours, refreshment requirement, etc.) III. Developing a Product Strategy A. Marriott International, Inc. Is an American multinational diversified hospitality company

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