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What went wrong in 1997? Was it flawed strategy or execution? The problem with Talbot in 1997 seemed to be partially from both flawed strategy and execution. The first reason why I think their strategy is flawed is because they didn't think about the effects the new strategy would have on it's existing customers. Talbot failed to clearly define their target audience. If they could have just secured their best customers and let go of other customers Talbot could have avoided this incident. By just focusing on its core customers and serving them better Talbot could have made more profits. What Talbot did was they wanted to expand their customer base and target young hipper crowds. By doing so it apparently defected their core customer to…show more content…
Talbot’s stores had a welcoming residential feel and their sales associates received extensive training in both customer and merchandise content. The associates were required to greet the customers within a minute of entering and ask specific questions to satisfy the customer needs. Talbot’s catalog operations were fully integrated with its store operations and items could be returned to the store to save customers time and cost of shipping. Their automated inventory search program allowed them to locate an item instantly that was out of stock. Using “Red Line” telephone located in every U.S stores Talbot connected with their customers instantly. Those who used this service were offered reduced shipping and handling charge. Talbot also made sure their assortments were fresh and aligned with lifestyle and fashion trends. Their merchandise process was driven by a merchandising team that consisted of a New York based product development office, the buying and production planning staff, manufacturing staff, technical and design staff. Talbot’s 13 week planning cycle involved five major decision points. This process was followed four times a year. The styles for all merchandise were developed on previous year sales history and current fashion trends for each of the company’s two main seasons. Talbot merchandise development

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